Monday, May 28, 2018

No straws, please.

My best photo of a crane at Arbutus Cove
in the early morning light.
Rebecca and Steve came home from an afternoon in downtown Victoria. 

They had been to a couple of places to eat, taster restaurants, I guess.

Rebecca said that the restaurants served drinks and said that straws were available on request. 

As an act of saving the environment and because so many fish are being caught lately, ones that have been strangled by straws, those restaurants that are environmentally aware aren’t serving straws – only on request. Well, that is interesting. We wash the plastic straws that we have here at home and re-used them. Why am I surprised at the restaurant holding back on straws. A couple of weeks ago, when we got home from grocery shopping and Rebecca was putting away the celery in the fridge, for example, I noticed that she was folding up those plastic bags that she gets as she shops and was putting them back into her larger reusable bags. 

 “Are you really going to use those over, again,” I asked. 

 “Why not?” 

Today when we were shopping, she actually pulled some of the lighter plastic bags our of the larger re-useable bags and used them. I shouldn’t have been surprised for on the West Coast I see so much activism in practise. 

A couple of days ago, I was mocking Rebecca, since sometimes I hear these people on the west coast of BC saying they want to drop out of confederation if the rest of us keep up needing and wanting the Kinder Morgan Pipeline. To finish this idea off, as we were driving down the hill, I looked out and could see the mountains in Washington in silhouette in the distance and I said to her, "Soon you guys will be part of the great USA, when you drop out of Confederation.  You are already right in their back yard.“

"Don’t worry. It is not going to hurt,” she said. “Those people across the channel are just about as environmentally conscious as we are. Not much will change if we have to join them.”

 I can’t say that the environmentalists  don’t put their money where their mouth is, here in lovely Victoria, B.C.

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