Thursday, May 10, 2018

From Lethbridge: the extra-ordinary wonderness of the life of a grandmother

From Moiya 

Since I am watching my grandchildren in Lethbridge, I will miss being there in Victoria when Wyona gets off of the cruise boat and the two of you, Arta,  get together.

I went to the track meet for Autumn¹s school yesterday.

It was cold and after lunch, I sent David home with Pepper and OscarŠ too.

It was cold and it was raining by then.

Autumn got:
1st in Shot Put,Discus, and Long Jump. 
2nd in 100 M dash, 200 M dash 
4th in 800 M run

And her high jump got cancelled because of the rain.

It was fun to be back at the track meet.

It brought back so many memories.

No one got sun stroke though. :-)

We are going to head home tomorrow.

Dan and Marina get back to Lethbridge at about 2 AM Friday morning.

Must get these kids off to school now.


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