Friday, May 18, 2018

The Happiest Place on Earth

LtoR: Dalton, David, Joaquim, Anita, Ceilidh
This is a picture of the other place I wanted to be this weekend.

In fact someone today asked me if I didn't miss the interior of B.C.

I had to think, for that was a lovely question.

It is possible to be in a lovely space and miss something else that is going on elsewhere.

Anita, Dalton, Doral, Ceilidh and Anita have arrived at the lake.

I think they are going to rake, plant, gather sticks together for the burn pile, shine windows, and whatever else hits their fancy.

I would love to be there as well as here.
Ceilidh and Bonnie

Is this what having a split personality is all about?

I find myself studying the pictures more closely than usual, trying to figure out what is happening.

For sure my lawn is filled with tiny daisies of some sort.

And it looks like cleaning the grill is Doral's job.

And whatever are they eating?

Must be something that goes with peanut butter.

And will they be missing the royal wedding?

And do they care.


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