Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Lost in London

From Wyona

There is no better place to get lost that in London. I woke up at least once every hour after 3 a.m.

Finally I got up for the day just before 6 a.m. and I eft at 9:30 a.m. to go scout out show tickets.

Usually Greg does that now but I wanted to do it for myself and Moiya.

The 148 bus got me from Victoria to the hotel so I just wanted to get back to Victoria to get tickets for Wicked.

I just thought the bus went the same way only opposite.

The bus got really crowded and then emptied out. I used my brain to think about it and I figured out going and coming was not the same route.

So I got off the bus at Westminster Abbey, a great place to get lost. I walked across the river, looked for 148 to go back, but I could not find it.  I saw bus 88 and other familiar buses going on the wrong roads. I walked half way down the river before I figured out that all the buses were on diversion and none of them would stop.

I walked back to Westminster and changed plans.

I took five buses and three tube rides to check out 6 shows and get to Portobello, plus I bought a ticket for 42nd Street for 15 pounds.

I can hardly wait to take you there, Moiya.

I got an hour nap before leaving for the theatre at 6:25 p.m.

I got to Queensway tube station and the tube was closed so I had to go back to the bus stop which was crowded with people to get the bus and then another two buses and one tube ride to get to the show 10 minutes late.

There was ‘an incident’ one stop before Queensway tube station.

I am just happy that I was not the ‘incident’.

On the way to the show tonight I thought I might have to drop on the street and stay for the night but I persevered.

Victoria Station and the surrounding area has changed considerably since we lived here.

It is unrecognizable, there are so may high new handsome structures.

My room is very small, very small and it is at the end of a hall with no circulation, no air conditioning, and the window opens two inches.

Right now I am sitting with the hall door open to cool off the room.

The weather is grand though. I have to go outside to cool off.

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Now I am going to see if I can send some of the photos I took today while being ‘Lost in London’.

I am going to get tickets for’Bat Out of Hell’ at 9 a.m

I have to preview it for Moiya.



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