Tuesday, May 1, 2018

On Seeing Black Panther

From the days when I took film classes, I stay with one protocol I learned there. Stay to the end of the film. Watch the credits. See where the locations were. Even read the names of the guys who are the boom operators. Look for the name of the gaffer. My professor always did. Now I do.

Image: Marvel Studios
At the end of Black Panthers my son-in-law and 2 grandsons hopped up from their seats and went out into the lobby.

I sat to listen to the music and watch the credits.

One grandson returned to watch the credits as well, and after they had rolled for a while, another scene came on, which I will call The UN Scene.

I was pleasantly surprised and laughed a little to myself.

When it was over and the credits were running again, my son-in-law came in and signalled that we should leave.

We went to the hall, but Duncan said, hey, the credits are still rolling, you guys missed one scene, and there may be yet another scene, after the one you guys have just missed.

Disbelief followed with my son-in-law saying, there will not be another scene. Go back and watch and if I am right, you paint the fence.

By now there was no one left in the theatre but the credits kept rolling. For me, the music was good.

OK said Duncan and back he went into the darkened theatre still holding to his belief that there would be more.  In fact all of us went back. The bet was on and Duncan threw in another $10.

More credits.

More credits, just the white letters rolling by with such speed in the dark.

Then another scene, this one beginning with 3 children in a hut.

Did any of the readers of this blog see that one, and does your theatre empty out as well?

At any rate, Duncan doesn’t have to paint the fence and his dad has to give up $10.

Probably $10 that Steve provides to him in the first place.


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