Sunday, May 13, 2018


... thimble berry blossoms by Arbutus Cove ...

Duncan’s Mount Doug Jazz Concert was down at the harbour in the middle of Victoria.

Float planes landing and taking off.

Yachts tied up to the shore

A white tent, peaked, with no sides, was set up for the band members and we sat in the hot sun of the promenade.

... water pooling in the rocks at Arbutus cove ...
Steve had on a baseball cape.

 I covered my neck and shoulders with one of Rebecca’s silk scarves.

We listened to Jail House Rock, Uppin Adam, Willow Weep for Me, Dues Blues, The Girl From Impanena, Xel-ha, Doo-Dat Blues (the one he had his solo in), and Back To Havana.

Tourists walked by, or perhaps fellow Victorians. 

One woman asked me if I lived here. I told her no, but did she live here.

Yes, since 1975, which I recognize as being a long time ago. She told me that the high school teacher and band master was her teaching student back in those days. All I could say is that he has made a permanent footprint into the lives of those to whom he has taught band. A well-loved band teacher. A one, a two, a one, two, three, four and the band breaks into song.

Duncan had not told his dad that he would be doing a solo. That is Duncan’s way. When the Grade XI’s had finished, it was time for the Grade XII jazz band to perform. We continued to sit on the cement abutment next to the water and listen.

Steve offered to take us out to dinner. Milestones, a restaurant on the bay, was on a few steps away. Duncan has been there before with Stacey and Felix for appetizers. We had the full entrees, three beauties after discussing whether or not the real food would look anything like the pictures in the mean.

It did.


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