Tuesday, May 1, 2018

On Buying Treats

I was astonished at how Doral could keep the treat cupboard full of packages that anyone would want to eat. There were varied tastes, but among the packages of liquorice, bags of chips and assortments of chocolate bars, I could always find something that was too tempting to leave in the cupboard. Doral left and the supply diminished until a couple of days ago, I could find nothing that I wanted to eat. In fact, there was just nothing in the cupboard. I found myself needing a treat and all I could concoct wash a small plate of rose coloured pickled ginger that I usually eat with sushi. I did not add wasabi. I only needed about four pieces.

When I woke the next morning, there was an empty bag of No Name regular potato chips on the counter. I said to Rebecca, “Where did you find that bag.” “Way back in the treat cupboard, but I didn’t share it with you.”

Last night in Vancouver she did share the treats from the IGA up the street. I helped her choose them. She spent a long time looking at the red licorice and wishing that she could find the red curls that Doral had purchased. As well, she look for cherry liquorice. There was none. A bleak night for us. Just only purchased Tostitos with a Hint of Lime, a bag of Riesen (caramel covered in Rich European Chocolate), a 2 pound red net bag of Sweet Mandarins from Peru and a 2 large bottles of Diet Coke (hurray, we could use the ice bucket in the room to cool). How could that have come to almost $20. Doral must have used $100’s to keep the candy cupboard stocked at the lake.

I thought the marketing of the Reisen package was clever. Family size it said on a red banner at the upper left hand corner. Family size? I don’t think so. One person could finish those off if the package was left beside their computer as they worked on through the night.

A woman at the conference remarked to Rebecca that she had an attack of the munchies at night and had eaten a chocolate bar off of the tray of goodies left in her hotel room. You know, the Honour Bar Menu where a chocolate bar is $2.75 and a drink of soda $3.75. “Oh, we didn’t have that trouble. My mother is with me and the first thing she did when she came into the hotel room was take that basket and put it inside a cupboard where we don’t see it all of the time.”

Yes, it is just better to get that stuff out of the way.


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