Monday, May 28, 2018

And another happy birthday occurs ...

... the sun rises on the ocean during 
my early morning walk ...
 I was invited to Steve Carter’s 56th birthday this weekend.

 We began with the whole family seeing the new Han Solo movie at Silvercity Cinema Complex.

 As we were going into the theatre proper after getting by the usher, Duncan told me to grab my 3-D glasses and he grabbed a pair for himself.

 I watched the previews and then when the show began I put on the glasses, hoping to see asteroids and stars coming toward me or flashing by me to the right or left.

...the tidal pools along the shores of Arbutus Cove ...
No such thing happened.

I am above the bay, looking down on the shore,
past the rose bush to my left,

4 long flights of stairs to get down there.
The opening scene has some beautiful fly over images. I couldn’t see much.

I took the glasses off and thought to myself, hey, I can see better with no glasses on, not even my regular prescription ones, than I am seeing now.

Then I looked down the isle and no one else had the dark 3-D glasses on, not to my left or my right.

So don't think this is going to be in 3-D.

... mine are the only footprints in the sand ...
We talked about this misinformation from Duncan to me over dinner at Montana’s after the movie.  Duncan just laughed and said he noticed it wasn't in 3-D as well.

 Steve told us that if anyone had arranged for the staff to singing the birthday song, to produced the clattering of pans and to have him wearof the moose hat and antlers, that said person would be walking home.

 None of us had.

 And none of us did.

 And another trip around the sun begins for Steve.



  1. I can never get over what an amazing gift that little cove is! the photos are beautiful!

  2. Everything is there that a person could want: water, sun, wood, birds, flowers, bushes, logs, now bleached, that have been washed onto the shore. I jump across rivulets of water so that my feet stay dry. And I walk across the beach, my feet at an angle so there is a gentle slope to the sea.