Friday, May 4, 2018

Earthquake in Hawaii

From Wyona

We are in Hilo Hawaii right now, about 50 miles from the erupting volcano. This morning Greg and I were up on Deck 14. We felt the ship shake for a while but just thought it was the engine. Then about half hour later the ship shook for an extended period of time. On the way out of the Oceanview cafe, Greg stopped to ask the captains what was happening and they told us it was the earthquakes from the volcano.

We left the ship and took a hop on hop off with one other person. We drove to the falls and during that trip there were at least five emergency vehicles that passed us going different ways.

As we were at the falls, the guide told us that his boss had just phoned and we were not allowed to go to Black Sand Beach because it was being evacuated in case of a tsunami. We covered the rest of the route and then drove by Black Sand Beach but we could not go in. We saw the beach and no Tsunami.

Right now we are leaving the island but watching the volcano on tv. The tv gives a better picture of what is happening than we can see here.

Thus endeth our earthquake in Hawaii. So far so good.



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