Thursday, May 3, 2018

Camosun College

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I walked the paths of Camosun College yesterday.

I found myself lingering in the library, picking out books from those that have just been received, taking The New Yorker in my hands and wishing that I had time to read it, noticing a new book and seeing it was dictated to my Metis friend Sharon who used the pen name Becky Lane for her own book.

Being in a library is a warm experience for me, inviting me to see down and read for the afternoon, no matter how lovely the day is outside.

There is a spectacular round house on the campus.
Image from Camosun College Website

I went inside and tried to image the bleachers full of people and the Elders standing in the middle of the room, sharing cultural knowledge.

The structural beams were beautiful as was the wood in the ceiling.

Rebecca told me that Jaz Payne likes this college, likes to recommend it to kids who go away from home for school.

I had a lovely time there.


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