Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Cinnamon Buns for D&D

... Rebecca's collection of colourful nesting bowls ...
As well, bread before I flip it over
so that it can rise again
Val Napolean asked Rebecca and me what we were going to do for the rest of the day after we finished our walk up Mt Pkols.

I knew I wanted to make cinnamon buns for the D&D Club that runs every Saturday at our house, 1 pm to 5 pm.

It was 1 pm. I went home and made bread.

Duncan has a credit card with which he pays for the pizza that he orders for the group.

Duncan is modest with his orders with the card, knowing that it is blocked from having too many charges put on it. 

Still he has no idea of what that final number is, the one he is not to go over.

He pays for 3 large pizzas at the door, I notice, as I am taking a small pile of compost out to the garbage and waiting for the bread to rise.
... pans read for the oven ...

Rebecca tells me that she will help roll the cinnamon buns. 

I have no expectation that she is going to help, so I am pleasantly surprised and the job is done so quickly that it hardly feels like a job.

We go downstairs to wait for the bread to rise and Rebecca puts on a u-tube lecture by Robin Wall Kinnerer.

She is an ethno biologist in her real life. And she is also an Annishnabee woman, who on this video is telling us about the Indigenous “Teaching of the Seventh Fire”.

 I take notes.  I am interested because she has laid aside her professional work and is story telling.  Or maybe she has combined both.

Having the words go though my hands and be captured on paper seems to be my best way of learning.

 She begins by telling us that she has nothing to tell us that we don’t already know. She feels that her lecture is just to help us remember.

cinammon and sugar in the red bowl
cinnamon in a glass jar
margarine in blue topped tupperware
We have a discussion about which of these items
it is ethical to waste.  We decide, none of them.

And then she says phrases like “our teachers are the plants” or she asks the question, “what is it that we love too much to lose?”.

So I can see she was right.

She is only helping us to remember what we already know.

Of course, the lecture gets interrupted every time there is another step to go so that the cinnamon buns get on the table fast enough that the boys can have their fill before they leave.

What they don’t eat, Rebecca forces them to take home.

That is not hard.


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