Saturday, May 26, 2018

Sun rise at arbutus cove

... sunrise at Arbutus Cove ...
I should be deliriously happy since I checked my Fitbit tracker and I averaged 10,004 steps a day this week. 

Yes, I burst out laughing over the extra four steps a day.  Those came in handy toward getting me to my goal.

I have no idea where those steps will take me today.  I try to get them in before 8 am by going down to the cove and back.  But today I am watching some bread until it comes out of the oven, so I will try to walk in Finnerty Gardens at the university.  What slows me down there are tourists going up and down the paths looking at the arbutus trees.  The tourists are as old as, if not older than me, and other isn't a fast one among the bunch.


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