Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Caravaggio / Gallery Series

Evening now, and we are home from watching Caravaggio in the theatre.

I know that the best part of the evening was walking into the theatre with Duncan and Felix Morrow, his fencing friend. 

The preferred seats for them are the ones right at the back and on the isle, so there is plenty of leg room.  Tall boys with long legs need lots of room in front of them.

I saw people start at them as they entered the theatre lobby – both well over 6 feet, so tall, walking confidently into an art show.


Young Sick Bacchus
Duncan has his own credit card.

So after staking out the seats, the two boys went to get popcorn and drinks. Rebecca and I settled into the movie which begins right on time. 

No trailers.

No short clips of what is to come.

In fact, no tempting us with anything to do with the Art Series. Just a straight run. Such a wonderful mix of paintings, the voice of Caravaggio from writing that he did, the voices of his contemporaries about him, even his biographer whom he slighted. The art critics made visible what it is that draws us to these painting.



On the way home Rebecca explained to us a theory that we should go to the movies to see sorrow.

It makes our happiness more visible to us.

In this case, Caravaggio seemed like a tortured soul near the end of his life, presenting those feelings to us in the characters he painted.

As the credits rolled by, on the left hand of the screen, the painting were brought to our attention again, along with the names of the paintings and the museums or galleries that hold the works.

A wonderful evening.


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