Friday, May 25, 2018


In Cadboro Bay there is a spot called Mutsuki-an.

The lunch special is wonderful there.

But Rebecca can never order it for she thinks about the Spicy Tuna Avacado Donburi.

I followed her lead for lunch.

How can tuna taste that wonderful!

A good time was had by all.

... the wind blows the blossoms left, then right ...
We went after this mornings class where we heard Don Ryan, an activist from the Gitksan people.

An old timer.

A chief now.

A war chief.

Now there is a morning that deserves a deeper report.



  1. what this photo can't capture is how fragrant those flowers are. I kept having to grab a bunch and force them close to my nose... Mireille kept worrying that i would get stung by one of the many bees who were gathering pollen there...

  2. No one will know how many times we grab those blossoms and hold them to our faces. Now the lilacs are along the street and one doesn't have to get very close to them to be aware that lilac is the scent of the week, here. Just beautiful!

  3. I could hardly read this post as I was so drawn by this tree! Imagining all of the amazing photos of women I could take with this as the backdrop! oh and I am sure the smell was heavenly!

    1. Yes, that would be the perfect place for photos. And there were two arbours like that, the wooden slats going overhead and in one of them, someone had a book and was studying. I thought that was just too much! I continue to gasp as I drive along streets. And this morning I heard a woodpecker as I was out walking. I couldn't find it in the tree, no matter how hard I tipped my head back nor moved my feet. Just a beautiful day in Victoria. One more! Just loving it.