Saturday, May 12, 2018

Julius Ceasar

Ben Wishaw plays Brutus as a bookish academic,
happier poring over tomes of revolutionary theory.
Photo: Marc Brenner
I don't know how the National Theatre's production Julius Caesar snuck up on me, but it is here tomorrow.

Here is what The Guardian has to say about it in terms of a review.

The line that says Hyttner is the preeminent interpreter of Shakespeare in modern dress made me laugh.  Sometimes a line like that might keep people away rather than send them to a pereformance.

Yes, I shall look forward to that.  The reviewer also says the performance is not to be missed.  I will go and see and check back.



  1. This is a great version! Has a band on stage, and turns the audience into part of the spectacle. Cesar seems almost a bit like Trump...

  2. Don't tell me you saw this!

    Alone or with friends?

    I was so interested in the old language. Et tu, Brute? How was that line!!

    I had to laugh when the light caught the spit from the actors mouthes and it was glistening as it landed who knows where. Gives new meaning to the phrase "spitting in a child's ear". This was "splitting in the the audience's eye".