Friday, May 18, 2018

The Lost Phone

Rebecca lost her phone a couple of days ago.  We searched the house both upstairs and down and in every room and under ever cushion, in her office (moving down and under at least 3 layers of books or papers but not to the very bottom), and underneath the seats of the car.  She went up and down the halls of the Law Faculty and searched the lunch room. She reopened classrooms where she has been teaching and looked in the faculty lounge.

Where else was there to look?

A lost phone is a problem. Steve texts her.  She can't answer.  She can't make appointments or call the tutor, since all of these numbers are on her phone.

I think she needs a new phone, but she resists.  Her phone works.  Why does she need more technology and is that really good for the environment?  I believe that is the deeper question and the reason she stays with her old phone.

Still moving in the direction of seeing if she will get a a new phone I suggest, just order a new one and you will probably find the old one and then can send the package back, but she is stalled and can't do that.

She even called lost and found this morning to see if it had dropped out of her pocket in the parking lot.

She told the person who answered the phone, that she was looking for her lost phone.

"Can you describe it?"


"Anything else?"

"It has my phone number written on a  small piece of paper and taped to the phone.  My number is 778... "

He cuts her off in the middle of her telling the number and says "Never mind.   I don't need the full number.  That is distinctive enough.  NO ONE writes their own number on their cellphone!  I'll look and see if anything was turned in."

He returns a few minutes later and says, "So.  You said your number is 778- 350-9330?"

Rebecca shrieks with delight and says "That it!  Do you have my phone?"

He says "No."

She says, "Oh, drat.  Well, OK..."

There is a moment of silence, and he says, "uh... so if i don't have it, then how did I know the number to tell you?"

She is quiet for a minute, processing things, and then bursts out laughing, as he yells, "Gotcha!"

She says, "OK.  You win.  That was a perfect April Fool's moment.  I will be right there to pick it up."

Thus endeth the story of the day.

Rebecca united with her phone.

He also told her it was his best moment of the week. 



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