Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The End of a Perfect Day

...the sidewalks strewn with apple blossom for my birthday ...
Photo: Rebeca
At supper last night the discussion turned to food, our likes and our dislikes.

Duncan, for example, is not thrilled with salmon and no matter how beautiful the piece that was cooked for him, he didn't want to eat it.

I remember not liking fish when I was young,

I don't remember that we had it much until we began to spend summers at the Shuswap and have fish that was fresh from the lake.

By then Rebecca was a baby, so I can't say that I learned to like fish when I was young.

We turned to a discussion of fish vs beef, and which is better for you.

I wanted to let the boys know that I do some calorie counting, and stay away from some carbs.  When I go to Costco, I eat the ice cream out of the cone, and toss it in the garbage.  "I hope that is not a waffle cone," said someone.

"No, that is exactly what it is.  I feel not just moral, but one step above, congratulating myself for not consuming those calories."

My morning Steve had decided the thing to do for my birthday was to go to Costco and get that cone.  But at the day lengthened, the long trip to Costco also seemed longer than usual, and in the end, Rebecca, Duncan, Alex and I went to the Dairy Queen.  Rebecca found a litre of ice-cream in the freezer for $4.99.  When the clerk heard we were eating it inside, she offered to pour us a quart that had just come out of the spigot, so that was good for us.  And she provided us with red long handles spoons for our eating pleasure. 

I think I am a faster eater, for I go full on the ice-cream and Rebecca said she needed 3 more bites.  Next time I am giving her a 5 minute start on the ice cream before I dig in.  I have both desire and capacity to eat it all.

Alex and Duncan had some form of blizzard -- good for them. 

A good time was had by all.

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