Thursday, May 10, 2018

A Perfect Life

Today, during my acupuncture appointment, I told Dr. Lam that I am having the perfect life: good health, warm family relationships, and I get to take courses at the university. At that he opened his eyes a bit wider. At that everyone I tell raises their eyebrows or looks questionly at me. I am hoping it is in wonderment that I would have the energy to do that. The classes are where I find much of my energy, the quiet energy that comes from generous teachers who point in directions I wouldn’t have thought to journey.

"Taking back the economy is not a job for a loner.
The job calls for concerted actioin by many"
Rebecca told me that I can sit in on her Business Associations Class.

Having finished the first 3 hour lecture, I find myself speeding down the road of the history of business (perhaps 2,000 years of documented history), and well into the problems of financing in a sole proprietorship.

Plus, for the class, I am reading Take Back the Economy by J.K. Gibson-Graham Jenny Cameron and Stephen Healy.

I have finished Chapter 1 but I am complaining to Rebecca that I am already behind in my reading. She reminded me that the book is to take all semester, not to be read before the second class starts.

 “Slow down. There is no rush.”

 I do have class notes to review but all of this is fun at my age. The only regret would be not having 40 years ahead of me for business practice. I do celebrate the 40 years behind me of business practice, where I did as she tells her group happens in business, people get out doing it and then go for help when they need help or new directions to travel.

Latte's at Lunch
Look at the beautiful design
on the top of that latte.

As much as I loved my water at lunch
I couldn't help but admire
the design on the Rebecca's drink.
I had lunch at the grad lounge where the menu offers something for everyone.

Rebecca and I ate Deconstructed Sushi with salmon.

Oh yum to living on the west coast.

Jess and Renee joined us.

Or that would be we joined them later. A student came to see Rebecca about her exam marks. They got the exam from the main office, and then sat down to go over every question, one by one.

Smart student.

Not that Rebecca changed the mark. Smart that the student went to learn more about the process of marking exams and how she can deliver different answers.  That student had one hour of one-on-one with the teacher explaining exam strategy.  I bow to the student.

Rebecca and I closed the day by shopping at Fairways. 

There is no problem finding bok choy on the shelves, as requested by Alex, the only person in the family who sent in a list of what we should buy.

Duncan is a person whose eyes light up when offered a meal of beans.  No problem in fixing that for him.

Rebecca is going to London, Ontario tomorrow for part of the I Testify project.

We will miss her for 3 days. But at this house, there will be a D&D tournament on Saturday with Duncan’s friends, as well as Alex’s birthday celebrated, so she will miss us as well.

What’s not to like about our lives?


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