Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Today I am making cinnamon buns to take to class this morning, to the Indigenous Law Research Method and Practices class.  Rebecca calls it the Indigenous Summer Intensive.  That is because it runs for 3 hours, 3 days a week for one month.

It is hard to separate theory, method and practise. When Rebecca teaches the class it it more theory.

Val gives us more on the methods and practice side.

All of that doesn't matter.

Today there will be cinnamon buns to start the class.  Mmm.  Really the start of the class is going around the circle, each telling what they have been thinking about related to the last lesson.

However there will be coffee (bring your own) or tea on the table (make  your own) and a couple of loaves of bread that we can slice for people who don't like sugar.  As well she is taking in vegetables for the gluten-free people.

Why I am calling this post smellerama is I forgot to put the timer on.  I put it on, actually, but I don't know how to work the one on Rebecca's stove, so I have to count on the smell.  I can tell right now by the smell, about 7 minutes more without even looking in the oven.

Rebecca and Arta at the top of Mt. Pkols
The wind is blowing.

You can tell by the sweep of her feather earrings.
She will never change.
Just about 7 minutes more.

I can do the same thing with fondant.  I don't even need a thermometer anymore.

Too bad I don't make chocolates anymore.

I asked Rebeca what we are taking in for lunch.  She said we are eating the left-over cinnamon buns.

I hope not.


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