Friday, May 11, 2018

More on the story with no point

... stopping to point my camera on the way home from school ..
Grandmother Pilling wanted lots of flowers at her funeral.

I don’t know why I keep going back to that trope.

I am sure she knew the flowers weren’t really ones she would enjoy, since she would be dead.

I was wondering if she wanted lots of flowers there so that people would know she had been well loved.

I loved her.

That is why I keep telling my grandchildren about her.

It was Edna who taught me to say "Grandmother, grandmother, thith, thith, thith."

Then when I would do that she would tap under my chin and try to make me bite my tongue while I was saying the thith, thith, thith.

I don't remember that she ever tapped me very hard.  I do that with my grandchildren, though it doesn't make any sense.

In the ‘60’s I can remember people saying after funerals, “Oh, there were so many flowers there.”

If there weren't many flowers there, I seemed to know that people were poor.  Perhaps that is the reason she wanted flowers.  She spent a lifetime hiding the fact that they were down on their luck.

I ever never seen anyone furrow their brow after a funeral and say, “Not many flowers here today.”

I did have my dad lean over to me at the funeral of old Brother Davies and say, “You won’t see any of his friends here today. They are all dead. As is his son. Old Brother Davies has outlived everyone.  Someone has to do that. Do you want to outlive everyone?  This funeral will only be attended by his grandchildren and great grandchildren."   

I can still hear Doral's voice saying that.

I can’t remember if there were any flowers at Brother Davies funeral.

There are lots of flowers in Victoria.


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