Monday, May 21, 2018

The Book Club in Victoria

This is about the film and not our family book club.

Last night we took 17 year old Duncan to the film, The Book Club, which came out this weekend.  We were going with two of Rebecca's friends and just as we were going out of the house he asked us where we were going.

"To a film with my friends, The Book Club.l Do you want to come?"

He seems open and available to any mention of going to any film.

I heard him laughing, along with the rest of the audience.

When the show was over he said to his mother.  "That film was in-ap-pouh-pwri-ate," mocking a childhood lisp he had when he said something similar as he was watching Game of Thrones at a much young age.

Always good to have another perspective on the film available to us.  I enjoyed it.  Maybe not a film for everyone but in is genre, lots of fun.


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