Monday, May 21, 2018

Deadpool, 2 by Arta

I joined the Johnson-Carter family as they went to see Deadpool 2 on Saturday.

I asked Rebecca what this film was about and she said “Don’t you remember? You read me parts of the review. You said, well, I can pass on that movie”.

Then I remembered that this is a Marvel Comics movie and that in the review the writer said that the film is full of allusions, and then laundry listing them. I knew that to really understand the film, I would first have to have a lecture on that list, since I could only figure out about 4 of the allusions and the catch-words for the other 11 -15 allusions was lost on me.

I did get the Barbara Streisand song from Yentel, “Papa can you hear me”, and “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” from Annie was in my social memory. When we got home from the movie, Rebecca, Steve and I sat and talked about what had been fun.

Rebecca missed the first part of the movie for she was still in the food line-up at the theatre concession. Ordering a hot dog could be a fast option, unless the workers haven’t been putting them on the grill as fast as they have been selling them. So while she waiting for the internal temperature of a sausage to rise, we were seeing the smart and classy beginning to a movie that is filled with layers of meaning – most of which just go right by me.

I don’t know the actors. And I don’t know the previous movie that has carried the characters along to the point where we now see them again on film. This didn’t make the rapid succession of shots during car-chase scenes any less interesting, nor the reference to the jails less deep. I don’t know the characters, Dopinder or Negasonic or Cable, or even Deadpool so I came out of the starting gate a little slow.

I am glad to have read the review for the only jump-start available to me – I will probably go back to Deadpool 3 if such a movie occurs.


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