Friday, May 25, 2018

On Walking during the Day

For me the best time to walk is early in the morning.  I can get down to the ocean and back in 6,000 steps and if I do that the rest of the day falls in place.
... my first evidence that someone else
was on the beach besides me ...

Today I tried to catch the sun coming through the trees with my camera. 

The brightness overwhelms me, even with my sun glasses on, so that is not going to work.

When I get down to the shoreline I have to assess how dangerous it will be for me to walk over the boulders before getting to the medium rocks.  So my head is kept down, not wanting to turn an ankle.

In the sand I can see someone has been there before me, but I don't know how to name the imprints of the bird tracks that I can see in the sand.

... waves of the ocean rolling in one after another ...
I study them as I walk along and then see a heron in the water, so I position myself to get the best picture ever.  After about 20 shots on my camera I look at the rocks again and laugh to myself, for I am in the middle of some geese and their goslings. 

Another 20 shots later I leave for I have bread rising on the counter that must be put in pans before Rebecca and I go to work.

I took cinnamon buns to class last week.  One woman told me that those were the best she has ever tasted in her life and that I should start a bakery business.  She gave me a name for it.  Arta's Bakery.

That made me laugh.  I have been in the business for years and though it has not made me a lot of money, at least I haven't gone bankrupt over it.

Today I am taking country seed bread to the class.  Thus the rush on this post. 

My walk was late, so i have timed the bread to the last minute. 

We shall take it out of the pans and have it there hot.

Last week I told the class that Rebeca had helped me by brushing the tops of the loaves of bread and putting black sesame seeds on top.

In the lower right hand corner of the photo are 3 or 4
little goslings huddling togther.  Very cute.
This week she was up greasing the bread pans, for she could see it was time to put the bread into the pans and I was no where about.


She was right.

No where to be seen.

I was down at the shore, photographing goslings.


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