Friday, June 15, 2018

3 Nights of Music

First, on Wednesday we went to Duncan's jazz concert which is held at a school just a few blocks away from us on Feldham Street.  Over the last eight years the school continues to hold the jazz night here with tables, drinks and cake.  Four jazz bands played at night, each with progressive competency until the last band was like listening to one of the big bands from the 1920's.  Duncan said that while that band was playing, kids from the other bands were out dancing in the hall.  And no wonder.

Lonely Hearts String Band
Last night was blue grass at the Christian Science church.

I would have called it the Christian Science temple from its size and spaciousness.

Just a beautiful facility.

The band was called the Lonely Hearts Strings Band.

You may have listened to one of their CD's or heard them at some other festival.

Rebecca bought a CD and we listened to it on the way home.  Truely a lovely evening.

Tonight, Friday, we pulled out some chips and played a new card game: No Thanks.  We have played it at the lake and Duncan enjoyed it so much.  We laughed the loudest when Alex picked up a 31 point card.  A few hands later he saw that it was a 31 and not a 13 as he had thought.  He made us throw that hand in so that his mistake didn't count for much, only the loudest laughter that all four of us had tonight.

The chips were accompanied by some refried beans.  The best I have ever made.  Jessica Asch showed me how to give it a deep rich flavour and gave me the hint to warm it just a bit before eating.  Between Rebecca, Steve and me, we finished it off.  I don't think I could count Duncan in to the group of eaters though he may have tried one teaspoon full.  And it was Duncan I made it for.

Now I am wondering why I am calling this 3 nights of music and I remember.  This weekend the Sooke Blue Grass Festival is running at the community campground.  I told Rebecca that in a perfect world we would be going to it.  And that would be the third night.  Of course, this isn't a perfect world, so we will keep ourselves to our agenda and be happy that we saw the blue grass bands on Thursday.

Oh, we are listening to Robbie Robertson tonight as we play games.  That counts as music.



  1. Today I heard about a free concert in my area. Sun Peaks, BC has a "Retro Concert" and this year one of the live tribute bands will be AC/DC preformed by BC/DC. The following afternoon Elvis will be preformed by the Ultimate Elvis Show. If you stay for the third day you'll het to hear Buddy Holly preformed by Buddy Holic. Sounds like a blast.

  2. I had to look at where Sun Peaks, B.C. is, never having been there. You will have a bit of a ride to get there. The concert sounds as though there is much that you will be able to write about. Keep the words coming!