Saturday, June 2, 2018

Sheerness on the Sea - A Change of Plans

 Wyona and Judi Guttormsen (her husband's name is Joel) let me sleep in on the morning of June 1st until about 9. That was yesterday.

We had planned on getting out the door by about 7:30 AM. I got ready as fast as one can when they have all kinds of medicine to take, a retainer to brush, hearing aides to put in, and glasses to clean. I heard Wyona call upstairs to let me know that breakfast was being served. I still was not ready.

Hurry, hurry... hurry, hurry, go a little faster...faster... There was no-one in the kitchen. They were all out on the patio eating the most decadent breakfast ever! Judi’s breakfast would put even the fanciest Cruising Ship to shame.

There was a platter plump full of fresh Strawberries, blueberries, and strawberries. There were also plain and raisin English Muffins, raspberry jam, clotted cream, delicious sausages, bacon, and Joel went in to get me my omelette...a most delicious Omelette filled with veggies etc. and topped with home made guacamole.

The weather is very warm. I’ve never been to London before when I haven’t needed a coat. We took our carryon suitcase and little cooler filled with pop and other incidentals we might need. At VictoriA Station, I stayed with the bags while Judi and Wyona went to get day tickets at 15 pounds each for the evening show. Then it was way past the due time to head out for our intended destination of Sheerness on the Sea.

We all got on the train, Wyona and I using our Brit Rail passes and Judi buying her 13 pound ticket to go out there with us. We were already cutting it close to make it there and back in time for the show.

On the way Wyona was sitting next to a Brit woman and that woman overheard us talking about Sheerness. She asked us why in the world are you going to that place. There is nothing there. Wyona said we could see the Sea. The woman said many other things about that place and besides it was going to be quite a walk down to the Sea.

Now let me try to remember all of the other things she said...

A hell hole.

Trailer trash.

The bum wipe.

I think Judi and Wyona can fill in anything else. We got off at the next stop and went back to Rochester, the last stop we went through.

Wyona’s feet were too sore to walk to the castle and church that was quite nearby the train station.

She sat at a table there and did some e-mail while Judi and I went to this quaint community. Pictures to follow...Judi has some really good ones on her camera.

I stopped to get some patisseries to share with Wyona and Judi got herself an ice cream cone with a lovely chocolate biscuit stuck into the ice cream.

Then it was back to London to eat Italian food and then off to the show, 42nd Street. Must send now because we are getting off the train soon to try and get another bout of tickets to see Chess again.

The only hung that would have made this nicer would be to have you here with us, Arta too David!

Judi is so fun to be with. I think of her as another good sister (full blood).

Love Moiya

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