Saturday, June 9, 2018

Egg for Sale

... a product I wasn't expecting to see ...
Rebecca and I had a chore day – a big chore day.

One that had to be organized before we left the house, we had so much to do. I knew there would be a lot of driving … and talking. 

Rebecca has a silver necklace that hasn’t seen the light of day for years.

So I brought along my polishing cloth and a rubbed the surface of the necklace as we drove: to the bank, over to the equestrian store, to Home Depot, to take in a picture to be frame, drugs to purchase at the drug store.
... super large eggs for sale ...

Now Val Napoleon has a name for this. She calls it going on the trap line, but this wasn’t really checking places we usually go.

We were shopping in one-off places, really.

Sign taped to fridge door:  Eggs $5 a doz
Along the highway Rebecca saw a sign that said “Eggs for Sale”. 

“Don’t stop here,” I said.

But I was not the driver.

... liver on the top shelf ...

She wheeled around and we entered a large acreage in the city where people can stable their horses.

 The picket fences were white.

A few horses were in individual corrals. 

Rebecca had disappeared into the barn.

I had to check out the chicken, until they came running toward me and I could see they were turkeys.

They must have thought I was bringing them feed.

a fly filled window sill
perfect truth that this is a horse farm

at first I thought chicken
then I thought turkey
I was not raised on a farm so it was hard to tell.
The eggs were purchased on the honour system. A sign on a door invited people in.

When I got there, Rebecca had taken the empty cartons.

She was filling them with eggs from the fridge.

Giant eggs.

There was a drop box that said Eggs, $5 a dozen.

That was about it.

Serve yourself. The sign on the barn door also offered a bag of chicken livers for sale. I am glad she resisted the urge to buy them.
... the purchase in hand and leaving for home ...

I could tell that we were truly rural when I saw the window ledges, filled with dead flies.

Truly agricultural, that spot.

This morning I was looking at the eggs again.

...driving into the egg farm...

They are so large I am afraid to devil them.

The size would just be wrong.


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  1. I studied the variety of the colours of the eggs in the photo. I thought about the eggs and pears that a client once gave to me from their farm. A memory from another home popped up of a child showing me how she gathers the eggs. I too was not raised on a farm, but I have been lucky to visit quiet a few farms. My earliest farm memories are of watching a cow get milked at Jay Johnson's farm.