Wednesday, June 20, 2018

9 Indigenous Reads for Children

I love my CBC.

I listen to it in the morning if I have a radio in my bedroom.

And look at this lovely list of books which I shall try to find at the library and read.

9 beautiful children's books by Indigenous authors to read

Last night I could't sleep at about midnight so I got up and began reading On Being Here to Stay  by Michael Asch.

I love this home.

There is a book to read within reaching distance.

Rebecca says she buys them only hoping to read every page and knowing that she will find her way through at least one chapter.


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  1. I will take a trip to our library tomorrow. I have only read 1/9 of the suggested children's books. The one I read was donated to our Health Unit lobby by a friend who set up a "reconcilliation station."