Friday, June 22, 2018

The Wrack Zone, Part II

morning in the wrack zone
Today was the first day of the conference called the Wrack Zone.

This is an interdisciplinary conference: environment, archaeology, anthropology, English, law, etc.

Rebecca and I turned to the dictionary tonight to see exactly what “wrack” means.

Among many of its definitions is the one that pertains to the ocean.

a sandbar in the wrack zone
The wrack zone is that area between low and high tide, where often detritus, organic matter, and such collect.

sitting under a tree in the wrack zone
I told Rebecca that is the zone I have been walking in every day that I make it down to the beach.

And today was no different than other days.

I pick up my phone and take pictures of the same 500 metre walk again and again, each time focusing on something new, and wishing that I had my more sophisticated camera equipment with me.

But my phone will do.

I typed for a lot of the day.

I tried to catch notes from Rebecca’s presentation, as well as from the other people on her panel. 

Then in the BizAzz class, I took notes on how to run an Annual General Meeting.

I can just about do that off the top of my head, though I told Rebecca I am going to go to the AGM that will be held at this conference.

geese swimming just outside the wrack zone
A person can just never go to too many AGM’s.

I have been writing BizAzz, but not in that form, for the whole time I have been here: BissAss, etc.

Finally I saw it on a binder and asked how this came about. She said that a former teacher of Business Associations had used that moniker and that the class is generally not called that in other law schools.

Perhaps it is The Corporation, or Business Associations, but still it is the same thing.

Curious that in her class she spends some time having group work done.

We have had to start a corporation, issue shares, get a shareholder registry going, a director’s registry, have a stated capital account, financials, and today we ran an AGM.

She gives us about 5 minutes to do this, and of course we take another extension, since nothing can be done in five minutes though there is one group in the class who divide and conquer – each one taking ¼ of the assignment and then they put it all together as a whole.

Our group is not that streamlined yet.

a wave enters the wrack zone
The names of our business might give away how successful they will be.

I noticed that one group is called Magical Pet Supplies.

Ours is Second Time Around, Victoria Inc.

We are trading on broken dreams and promises, buying up wedding jewellery that people who are divorced no longer feel comfortable wearing.

So far we haven’t had one customer.


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