Friday, June 29, 2018

I Didn’t Plan on Being Away so Long

June 28, 2018

At the end of April I had cleaned up my flowerbeds, at least in the places where I knew plants would be growing in the Spring. I have some places in the flower beds where I am not sure, and where it is easy to dig up bulbs that I have forgotten away. Doesn’t that happen to every gardener.

So here I am back at the Shuswap and worrying that my flowerbeds are a disgrace. I like to keep them weed free. Right now the ground is wet, just with the perfect amount of moisture in it for pulling up quack grass, for example and having the whole root come up. Gardening here I come. But I stayed out too long. I admit, my body really aches tonight and I am came in too late to pick up the piles of weeds I left behind that must be taken to the compost. Still, a job well done from my point of view.

I have a wild rose bush that I keep trying to get out of my garden. It was back again this year, already about 3 fee high. I used my pitch fork around it the best I could to no avail. When Connor dropped by I asked him to help me. He dug as wildly as I did and was surprised when he pulled the pitchfork out of the ground and one of its tines had turned ninety degrees? “Was your pitch fork like this when you gave it to me,” he asked. When trying to straighten it again, the tine broke off. “Here, you now have a trident pitch fork,” he said, and handing me the piece that broke off he commented, “You might be able to use this tine for a tent peg.”

I will use it to weed the garden. Right now I am using a screw driver when I come across a reluctant weed and I am on my knees. I will try out the tine from the fork, now that it is freed from the work of helping on the pitch fork. Glen and Connor took the paddle board down to the lake for me. Well, they started with that. Then they put in the canoe. Then the two orange kayaks. Then some paddle for the canoe. I can’t be much more ready for summer than that.


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