Tuesday, June 5, 2018

On the way to Mallaig

Photo Credit: Moiya Wood

Loche Awe
Wyona has some better pictures of this.

Today we are going to Mallaig.

We change trains at Crienllarich.

Otherwise this train will take us back to Glasgow.

We will be going back to Oban to sleep one more night.

Our breakfast at the hotel was wonderful. Of course we also took enough that we will have food for the rest of the day.

Photo Credit:  Moiya Wood
Last night we found our way to Tesco and a bought a few other snacks to eat. Gu cheesecake, Cat Brief Boots and not bar, some cookies, some kind of caramel squares, and eight more Diet Coke-

We just can’t figure out how to keep the Coke cold. Personally, I would rather have water and warm Koch!

Now it is time to look at the scenes as they pass by on the train.


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