Saturday, June 2, 2018

42nd Street and Salieri's.

LtoR: Moiya Wood, Wyona Bates, Judi Guttornsom
From Moiya in London, England:

We went for dinner at Salieri’s (Italian).

And we had to race to the theatre ... got there just in time.

It was my first time going to 42nd St.

It was Wyona’s eighth time.

Judi had seen it once before.

Oh, the tap dancing was extraordinaire!

 I would go see that show again for sure.

Maybe the next time my eyes won’t shut for a few moments.

We will have to tell more about our trip to sheerness on the sea today.

It is quite the story!


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  1. Thanks for the inside shots of the restaurant. Those almost made me feel like I was there.

    And yes, to telling us more about the adventure of Sheerness of the Sea.