Thursday, June 14, 2018

Moiya and Wyona in Bath

Moiya and Wyona made it to Bath.

I asked Moiya for some text that could go with the train rides that they are taking.

What she sent me, really made me laugh.  I love rough notes that tell it all.

I was so reminded of the same trip that I took with Wyona -- the endless looking out the windows, the green hills, the questions to the conductor, an incident (euphemism for a suicide that slows the train down), the occasional napping, the little towns one after another, just a sign on a raised boardwark, and that is a train station.

 Here goes:

Swansea - 1 car train and not too many people boarding. Is easy to get a table. Wyona and I both have a table beside each other.

Gowerton - water and checkered hills

Llanelli - Oh, oh, The train is going backwards now. I must change sides. Hope it is not going back to Swansea.  No, I guess we are retracing some of the rail back but then doing a switch to the rails going Northward through the Heart of Wales. We make a gazillion stops going through the Heart of Wales.

Bynie- pict. -a short stop and back over the water to ...

Llanngennech -


More people are getting on the train. Wyona has now switched over to my side and we have one table between the two. Or we have a lot of stuff! But rest asured, we are organized!

Ammanford- P-none

Llandybie- p- none

Ffairfach - p - sheep before

Llandeilo - p-2 hills and pond... water flow- after

P- The different fields are designated by hedges. The river Towy. LLlangadog - We are lucky to have a couple sitting at the table next to us who are helping us with the pronunciations of some of the Welsh words. The countryside is incredibly beautiful!

Llanwrda- p-afterwards- brown and White House or buildings

Llandovery- The bridge near he viaduct and the re-forestation

Llanwrtyd Wells-

Llangammarch Wells- no one wanted to stop so we went right through that station. The conductor comes through occasionally to give people a chance to inform him of where they want to stop. We used to pull on a big white cord that ran along side of the upper walls on both sides of the bus. There are so many stops along this Railroad Linel when going through the Heart of Wales. The conductor only stops when requested to do so.

Garth-short stop- couldn’t hardly see the signage for the stop.

Builth Road - I saw a little lumber yard-makes big round pickets for fencing farmers fields. I don’t see any of those though.

Llandrindod Wells-yellow field

Dolan - Wyona speaking with conductor to decide which route to take back to London. The first, second, third , or fourth way. We don’t want to make Joel or Judi pick us up from High Brooms too late. Llanbister Road-

Knucklas- looking down at the houses below just before the station.

Knighton- Trefyclawdd -in Welsh

Pictures just before are of the homes practically right on the railroad tracks. Buck elk-

Craven Arms-

Church Stratton-


We had to stop- there was an incident where someone jumped off the bridge and we were waiting for the emergency to take care of it. There was time to read a few pages of my book and take a little nap. Wyona had a longer nap. Change Trains at Newport

Bristol Parkway

And home to the Guttornsems.

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