Friday, June 29, 2018

Costco in Kelowna

June 27, 2018

I flew from Victoria to the Shuswap yesterday, driving out to the airport in time for a 7 am flight to take Jessica Asch and Rebecca to William’s Lake (Esk’etemc), a flight that left three hours before mine.

That gave me 3 hours to read (The Banker and the Blackfoot, my newest book about Treaty 7 land) while waiting for my ride through the sky. I was well into the air when I figured out I should be taking some picture of the islands that I was enjoying so much. I think this is the only picture where I didn’t also capture the propeller whirling through the sky.

Bonnie Wyora and Moiya picked me up in Kelowna. We had lunch at Costco, sitting by a couple, an older couple, who acknowledged to me that it was an economical meal they were sharing with each other. “Best date ever,” I replied. “You can do it for under $10.” At that the man laughed and the woman was interested in the ice-cream we had ordered. Now how can anyone have ever been to Costco and not ordered the ice cream, I wondered to myself. Bonnie offered a bit of her sundae to the woman, a kind of tester and to be clean about the whole experiment the woman took a bit on the end of her straw. That would not have been enough of a taste for me. The woman said that next time she wasn’t going to get the drink if she got the ice cream. “Why not? You are going to pay $1.50 for the Polish, whether you get the drink or not”, I laughed.

Oh boy!

One of my favourite pictures -- when
someone has lost their two front teeth

In tis case, on the same day.
Economizing at Costco is such a difficult thing to do.

My best part of the day was having Michael, Alice and Betty arrive at the lake, just an hour over I got here.



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