Saturday, June 16, 2018

Thinking about an Extra Friday Class

I am always on the out look for new colours
in organic material.
Rebecca has to go to Williams Lake at the end of the month and so she needed to have a make-up class today, an extra two hours in the classroom. 

I have to admit that the classroom is more fun that I want to say. I am doing some typing for her while I listen.  I often forget to type because I am so interested in what she is saying.

Part of her pedagogy involves putting us in groups and letting us work through problems. 

Each of our groups has incorporated, and now we are struggling with a clumsy corporation, though others in the class may have designed theirs in a sleek way.

today there heron was there,
but the geese were further down the cover 
On another matter, I went for an early morning walk before class.  

I met a couple along the way who were coming toward me. 

They looked so happy that I stopped them and asked them why they had such a wonderful glow about them. 

 "It is our first day of vacation. We are here from Australia." 

"Well turn around and walk with me. I will show you a cove that you will never forget."

So I had guests down at the cover with me.  The man already knew that he was looking at arbutus trees.

"He is a lover of trees," she said.

She was the one who was alert to the sound of the woodpecker.  I almost don't hear i that rat-a-tat-tat anymore.

... a regular sky at the cove ...
And now back to class.

Rebecca talks about the corporation by using the metaphor of hats.

I told her I thought there is one hat she has missed.  

The hat that represents the family,.

She calls that the family / community hat.

I think that is the hat best represented by the food that the aunts bring hot down to the beach.  Just flour, sugar, yeast and oil, she tells them, but it is something far more important that that.

Cinnamon buns.




  1. I am imagining a hat in the shape of a single cinnamon bun. That makes me smile.

  2. I hadn't really thought of wearing a hat that really looks like a cinnamon buns. The hats she wears are somewhat generic, though one is a St. Patrick's Day hat that that has tiny lights that flash on and off. The hat is green and sequinned. She always forgets to turn the lights on, so the students never get the full effect.