Saturday, June 2, 2018

A Gitxsan Memoir

I have always enjoyed the form of memoir writing. Indeed, I took a class one year that was dedicated to the memoir form. There is so much to learn when reading that form, and when writing it.

published by Creekstone Press
That may have made me extra open when I read Neil J. Sterritt’s book Mapping my Way Home: a Gitxsan History.

Let me rephrase that.

The work I have done before on memoir, helped me to see this book as such a treasure. It won the BC Book Prize and was a finalist in the BC Historical Federation book prize. And it has a place deep in my heart right now.

I did a paper on the Gitxsan a long time ago.

Last year I looked up how to get to that territory. 

The cost seemed blinding.

I left it at that.

Now to read the book was like taking the trip that I had missed.

 In fact, no tour guide could have talk for as long as I read.

Nor have underlined so much of the text.

The book is an extra treasure for me, for I had all of the people in my class who wished to, sign my book.

Some books do a lot of work.


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