Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Naming Ceremony

Rebecca was Val Napolean’s guest when they went up island for a Naming Circle a few weeks ago.

Rebecca was gifted with a print, and she took it into a framing shop so that it can be hung. Picture Perfect was the name of the shop.

I thought we would go in, measure the print, pick out an institutional looking frame and be gone. 

But I was to find out that choosing a frame takes two professionals: the one who wants to have the print framed and the framer.

The shop owner measured the print and then showed Rebecca 3 possible frames, telling her which was his favourite and why.

Then he picked out one colour for the matting the matches the red colour in the print. And then he added a lovely blue to lift the water and the sky out of the print an to the viewer’s eye. And of course he will put the card on the back of the picture. The one that says what kind of paper and ink are used, etc.

Two and ½ weeks until it will be finished. I have been wondering if Rebecca will hang the print in her office at school, or if she is going to want to hang it at home. Whenever I am in the office, I am thinking, thinking, thinking about where it could go.


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