Saturday, June 16, 2018

Chip Buddy on the Britrail Trail

From Moiya:

Wyona and I both ordered fish and chips. It was a special for seniors.

There was something special on the menu called Chip Buddy.

Wyona, of course, had to order it because
there is something called buddies or Buttties on every menu here.

When it came we were both, to say the least, so surprised
to see that it was fries on the buttered bun!
We could not stop laughing.
 It still makes me laugh.

I can hear Wyona still laughing too
And it is at least two hours later.
To tell you the truth we should have only ordered one plate of fish and chips to share
between the two of us and that would’ve been more than sufficient.
I just had to try the Ship buddy.
But, it was only for the picture.
It was disgusting!

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