Saturday, June 30, 2018

A handful enough for a bag

Betty had three small balls in one hand.

She has just turned 3, so it is easy to imagine how really small those balls were.

Previous to her carrying these around all three children had been in my room and on a low chest of drawer with a mirror above it there was a ball.

A small rubber bouncy ball which they took turns trying to drop and catch.

This wasn’t one of those balls that you have to power down on it.

Just a small drop will let it bounce to about their eye line. That was fun, really, the task of taking turns.

No one wants to wait for that third place of taking turns, but Betty did.

Her life doesn’t seem to have the same urgency that the others feels.

At any rate, a while later I saw her carrying three small balls in her hand, and she had three stuffies crunched under her other arm.

I have a small bag in my room just made for the purpose of carrying toys around.

I convinced her that putting everything in the bag was a good idea.

 Then she found a small watering can.

I have no idea why someone would make a toy that only carry ½ a cup of water in it.

Whom do they think is going to keep filling that watering can until the earth is wet under some plants.

Betty and me sticking dolls into the handles of
some wicker chests.
Into the bag it went, along with a larger watering can that we found.

When the bag was full she slung it over her arm, which really made me laugh.

Betty is adorable.  If I say, Betty, you are adorable, she replies with a scowl, "No, I'm Betty."

I was sitting by my computer and she dragged the Barbie Doll Suitcase to stand beside me where we played Barbies for a while.  She mostly dialogued the play and I occasionally chimed in, telling the doll what else to do. That case is really a rolling computer bag so I showed her the hidden handle, a great surprise for her.  Then she roll off to some other space in the house.


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