Friday, June 8, 2018

Lost Cities or Candy Crush

Lost Cities
Doral introduced us to a good 2 person game that can be played in less than 20 minutes.

That is, if you only want to play one game of it. 

But Rebecca and I had to do a play-off that ended in 5 games tonight.

And each time our scores got lower and lower. 

After Duncan’s concert tonight we were were tired. We went out to eat at the Dairy Queen afterwards and by the time we got home, energy to really work was gone.  Rebecca said she was going to play Candy Crush.  I suggested that we do one quick game of Lost Cities, but not if she was stuck on Candy Crush.

Oh, we did pull out our daytimers to see what the next 4 days looks like, and even that was exhausting, trying to carve out time to work on a book she wants to write. There just is no time for writing. On Monday her first 2 PHD students walk across the stage and she puts their new hats on them. But that will also involve lunch with their families and a long ceremony.

So our little foray into Lost Cities tonight, might be the last of what we see of each other until next Tuesday.

 We can’t get anyone else in the house to play this game with us.  I went around the house asking for other parrners to join us.

 Are we too competitive?

I don't think so, given that many of our scores go into the negative part of the regular numbering system.


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