Monday, June 4, 2018

The All Day Trip to Oban

google images Oban
From Moiya:

This train is going a little slower than the train to Koch from London to Glasgow.

This is a good way for we get to see the countryside in slower motion.

We go by big loches.

I wouldn’t want to swim in these lakes! There is green stuff all around the edges.

Wyona is busy trying to write about other parts of our trip so far. She hasn’t had the time to do it because she is up into the wee hours of the morning planning our next day.

I am so lucky to have Wyona do that for me. Judi is not with us today. She chose to stay home and that is OK. She is really a lot of fun to have with us though.

It does take all day to get up to Oban, the word sounds like...long o and short a with the accent on the second syllable.

We haven’t had to do a lot of walking today which helps to alleviate some of the pain in our feet.

I am sending this to Arta as she wants to hear about our trip.

We wish Arta could be here as well, although she has already been here and done this.


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  1. Just one minute about being there and done that. There are some trips that a person can never say that about. One is the trip through Rogers Pass for example. And another is any adventure with a Britrail pass. I don't know why more tourists don't flood to the British Isles to take advantage of that package. Perhaps it takes the energy of someone like Wyona to plan every night, where to go next to maximize happiness. Perhaps that part is too much work. But I never had to do that. I just watched out of the window as the incredible scenery rolled by. Enjoy the trip, you guys and many more to come for you, I hope.