Monday, June 4, 2018

The First Day out of London

From Wyona:

After arriving Chez Judi & Joel at midnight we talked a bit, I looked up where to go the next day. and decided going to the sea would be nice so I chose ‘Sheerness on the Sea’ over the sea over ‘Shoebury on the Sea’.

42nd Street
The plan was to get up and be into London by 10:00a.m., get day seats for 42nd Street, then take the 1.5 hours train ride to the sea where we could enjoy the fresh sea air and watch the green countryside roll by there and back.

We were lucky that Judi wanted to come with us but it did put me a little on my guard because then I would have to keep the real me hidden.

As I woke up Friday morning I could smell delicious things from downstairs. Joel was up and in the middle of cooking sausages, bacon, and omelettes while Judy set out a beautiful plate of fruit. At 9:20 a.m. Moiya was still sleeping so I shook her to wake her up and get on our trip.

And now, a few days later ... we got on the train from Charing Cross Station but we should have been on the train from Victoria. We got directions to change trains half way and we could do it but it would add 1 hour to the trip and we had tickets for the theatre at night. So we were discussing what to do, the three of us, and then a British Lady ( Moiya’s age) got in the conversation.

Brit lady 1: Are you wanting to go to some place beautiful?

Wyona: Well, I live in the most beautiful place in the world so I am looking for something else.

Lady 1: Well why are you going to the bum wipe of England (which is Sheerness on the Sea).

Wyona: I wanted to see the ocean.

Lady 1: I could think of better places on the sea.

Brit lady 2: (Another lady, same age joins the conversation.) There is nothing but trailer trash in Sheering on the Sea. It is the worst place. It is just industrial.

By this time Moiya, Judi and Wyona are laughing so hard. The train then went by this beautiful large church and a castle.

The ladies descended the train and we saw we were in Rochester. So after much laughing and discussion we descended the train, and went back two stops to get off in Rochester. By then my feet had had it so I stayed at the train station while Moiya and Judi went to the church


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