Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Another Trip to the Ocean

Arbutus Beach ... a small wave rolls into the shore
This morning I tried to get Rebecca to walk to the ocean with me.

Too tired she said.

 So I laid in bed with her for a few minutes, since she said “Tell me some stories,” and I always have stories to tell.

 My days are so lovely here.

 Now it is 10 pm and I hadn’t done my last 1,000 steps, so out I went into the warm night air. The moon was already high in the sky. A few other walkers were out. The joggers seems to fly by in the early morning, which is the time I choose to walk down to the cove again.

The ground is becoming marked with objects and waters: Coleman coolers and bunnies.
Arbutus Beach ... the tide goes out

Today I almost stepped on a tiny bunny that skittered its way back under the ivy that was growing out over the sidewalk.

I wondered if that rabbit knows how to miss going under thorny vines of the raspberry bush nearby.

Perhaps by sad experience.

A couple of days ago I saw a blue and white Coleman cooler at the head of the stairs that lead to the beach. I looked inside.

Water, but now wind had blown dirt and other debris into the cooler.

 I was wondering how it have filled with water, but on thinking about that again, of course, it must have been filled with ice for a party that someone was having on the grassy area by the parking log.
Arbutus Beach
Is this the stuff they are referring to when they saw Wrack Zone?

The first day I saw the cooler, I only looked inside.

It was just abandoned there, on the other side of the fence where there is a sign that says, No Dumping, By Order of the City of Sanich.

The second day I turned it over to drain it out. 

Today I found myself dragging it over by the garbage.

Every morning I see that people have stacked their empty pop and beer cans there for the garbage men to take away.

One day I saw a twin mattress laid against the side of the garbage.

 Not having any idea how and why that was used, I just put a pass on thinking about that anymore.
Arbutus Beach
The early morning sun hits the water.

Tomorrow morning I shall check and see if the blue Coleman cooler is still there as I walk to the beach.

I am of the mind to ask Rebecca to bring it home. I could wash it out and she could store her garden tools in it.

 But I am smart enough not to ask.

 She would say no even louder than Steve would.


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  1. I wonder what bird is hiding behind the rock in the phone "a wave rolls in." I can't quiet tell. Perhaps a goose? I spent a beautiful 24 hours at the Lake. I don't recall seeing a single bird. Not that they weren't there. My mind was just focused on other things, I suppose. I took a photo of a daisy (tis the season). I enjoyed how the water just sparkled this evening. And I found some old metal in the Wrack zone and took it up to the metal pile where the old apple tree used to shade babies.