Monday, June 11, 2018

Britrail - Cardiff Wales

Our 2 day home in Cardiff Wa;es
15th floor, 2 beds, 2 baths
Pictures from Moiya.

Text from Arta.

I had a surprise call from Wyona and Moiya.

They were wondering where their next trip should be.

They were calling from Cardiff, Wales, but wondering if tomorrow they should go to Penzance or to Bath.

They are both noticing that the list of places they are going to go on their train passes needs to be weeded down, for now there are more trips envisaged than time to get there.

We went to the department store (John Lewis) 
across from our “home” and saw this most awesome gazebo. 
It was only 23,000 pounds.
They asked the question, which?

Where would you rather go?

Penzance or Bath.

Penzance is a 12 hour trip for them.

This is the table that was inside of the gazebo. 

That leaf that is on the right-hand side will fall back 
to make a full-sized table.. 
It was about 13 thousand pounds. ($24,000)

Going to Bath is a shorter trip and they will be riding the Hop On, Hop Off Bus

Hard choice.

To get to Cardiff, they  went under the sea… the sea that we were so looking forward to going over and getting great pictures.

Moiya reported on not being  too disappointed though, not disappointed at all, though it is now on the list of things they have missed -- the sea between Bristol and Newport.


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