Monday, June 18, 2018

Some days are longer than others

I had to pass on a set of 6 Thomasville
chairs for $150.  Perfect condition.

I was pretty sure Steve would kill
me if I brought these home.
Rebecca and I were wondering what has made this day seem so long.

We were over at the university working late tonight, and I had the vague feeling that it was already Sunday night, though when I really thought things through, I realized we are only on the start of the weekend and not at its end.

 I took pictures during my early morning walk.

 She did some weed whipping in the back yard.

 I organized the sets of papers I have been collecting and put names on binders of notes (all mine).

 Rebecca went on an early morning date with Steve to take organic waste to a collection depot.

... dead rabbit covered with blossom petals from the tree above ...
Together we took 2 trips to get food: one to the grocery store and one to pick up sushi at Fuji’s.

 She was afraid we were going too late, since their kitchen closes at 4:30 pm and anyone who arrives later than that just might be out of luck, since they will be sold out.

... the sky at Arbutus Cove ..
 It seems strange to go into a small Japanese grocery store and have the line up go right across the open freezers that are at the back of the store(those who are picking out food) and then the line goes all the way down the isle (those who are lining up to pay for the food).

The store was packed, all of us nervous that we would be the ones who got there to late and everything would be gone.

A man in front of me was walking along with his little girl.

“Daddy, what is on the sushi,”

“Fish eggs. People eat fish eggs.”

“I don’t want to daddy. It will hurt the fish.”

“No, the fish are fine.”
... not much lawn left after the deer has breakfast ...
I have been typing out the notes from Rebecca’s lectures.

I am at page 75, single spaced and have only 3 more classes to listen to before I go home.

She and I went to her office together to work on notes she has, but we set ourselves up in separate rooms.
... so weird to live somewhere and think it is
normal to see a deer stroll across the street ..
MacBeth was exhausting.

For some reason the weight of the deaths, Lady MacBeth’s and then the Lady McDuff and her children – all of that was excruciatingly sorrowful.

The acting was perfect.

I am spoiled with the wonderful close-ups that the cinema can bring to us on screen.

She made the mistake of doing housekeeping on her email and that can sometimes have one email take 30 minutes.

I know the rule is to click on the email and take care of it, but I sometimes slip into the default of looking at all of my emails before trying to answer any of them.
I never met a red flower I didn't like.

And by the time the last email has been opened, the energy to answer any of it is gone.

This was not true in her case.

She clicked on one of the emails that take an hour to answer.

So while I was busy editing in one room, she had other kinds of work going on in the other room.

I enjoy reading her work.

I like the tone and the poetic quality of her words, so the time editing flies.


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