Monday, June 4, 2018

Wyona and Moiya write text of their adventures


We have had so much fun so far. We could stop now and it would be worth it. Moiya arrived into Gatwick yesterday at 11:00a.m. Judi, Moiya’s friend and host to us, met Moiya there.

I just happened to be 2 hours late; 35 minutes waiting for the taxi, 40 minutes in line to get my Britrail pass stamped, tie up in the traffic and having the taxi stop at the Coliseum on the way to Victoria to pick up tickets for ‘Chess’ in the evening.

It was nice for me that Moiya and Judi were still cheerful when I arrived.

We took the train to Tunbridge Wells where Judi and Joel (who is attached to Judi through marriage and 4 children) live. The train stop although is called ‘Broomsville’. The day before Moiya arrived I took my large suitcase to Joel’s office and he carted it home for me.

Greg is no longer my bag boy, I have given Greg up for Joel who loves gemstones, buys them and cuts them for a hobby. Gotta love that hobby!

Judi and Joel live in this amazing county home which is filled with more beautiful treasures from their lives living around the world than you can imagine. It is a pleasure and opportunity to stay with them.

How did David and Moiya get so lucky that they have such nice friends!

At their home I shooed Moiya off to bed for an hour while I unpacked, then after a lovely bite of fruit, falafels, vegetables and some starch we headed into the musical ‘Chess’. The show was better this time than last time.

I thought of you Trent and your comments about the Chess game.

After arriving Chez Judi's,  Joel was up at midnight and we talked a bit, I looked up where to go the next day. I decided going to the sea would be nice so I chose ‘Sheerness on the Sea’ over ‘Shoebury on the Sea’. The plan was to get up and be into London by 10:00 a.m.,  and get day seats for 42 pounds.

Sunday Moiya and I headed to Petticoat Lane and Spitalfields Market. My directions getting there were so good, we even saved time by taking a shortcut. We walked and shopped and found scarves for one pound so we bought about 30 because I need more scarves.

The plan was to go to Portabello after Petticoat Lane. However, we stopped to have Fish and Chips and Moiya and I both looked at each other shook our heads and decided to head back home so we could spend the evening with Judy and Joel. We hopped on bus 149, the right one, but it went one stop and kicked everyone off. Another 149 came by so I hopped on, swiped my card, talked to the bus driver and no buses were going to London Bridge, which was our stop, because there was a demonstration on the Bridge.

I had to figure out how to get back to London Bridge without going over London Bridge.

For the third day in a row we had another ‘Sheerness Experience’. Actually the demonstration was in commemoration for the London Bridge Tragedy which took place one year ago.

So today Moiya and I are on our way to Oban for 2 nights and 3 days.



P.S. from Moiya
Thank you Wyona I am going to add 2 things to Wyona’s note.

I don't want to forget the part of the adventure where we stopped at the bead store. And if you’re wondering, yes, I bought some beads. I am wondering if we will ever make it to Portabella Road to do something with those beans, the semi precious stones that we bought.... 

Actually, I want to call them precious stones because they are mine, precious precious.

It was not a demonstration at London Bridge. they were having a memorial. It was one year ago yesterday that somebody went on to London bridge with a vehicle and just drove into a bunch of people. One of the people killed was a Mormon man. He and his wife were just celebrating their anniversary. They went over to see their parents who had just started their mission at the London temple. She was in the hospital for a long time with I think shipper elevators and a many broken bones and her husband got killed. Their family was back in Utah. You probably remember that incident.

And now I must take more pictures.


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