Saturday, March 16, 2013

Catherine's Kitchen

... the blender ready, the toaster hot...
Mary has the kitchen cupboard door open

... food, glorious food for 12 ...
Catherine said her fantasy wish is to have her kitchen redone.

Reality gets in the way of fantasy.

The furnace quits, so Catherine gets a new furnace.

She needs a place for people to stay downstairs, so a bed is built into the wall and the floors are replaced.

Major flooding from the roof on the second floor necessitates a brand new bathroom upstairs. Still no kitchen.

"Never buy an old house," she says, and “I hope we move before the house has to be jacked up and a new foundation poured as is happening for many of our neighbours.”

 Mary and I were the lucky visitors to the Jarvis’s last weekend and here is what is good about that kitchen. If you walk in, the meals have been planned, the groceries for the meals are purchased and on the cupboard, ... pick up a spoon and there is meat to fry, grab a knife and there are pineapples to cut, and open the fridge and there are yogurt snacks to eat. Anything else you want to experiment with is the kitchen yours for the asking.

If Catherine renovates that room, will her happiness in doing so match the lived-fun-filled fantasy Mary and I had as we chopped and stirred and baked in that kitchen.


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