Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Games - Thomas

"How did I end up down on the floor playing Thomas?"
Miranda loaded some of her Christmas pictures onto my computer.

That is how I got to see again the games we were playing at Christmas.

To begin with, David Camps has cartons of Thomas the Engine equipment downstairs. There is small lonely box of them upstairs.  I grabbed that box one day to see if I could hook Michael into a new enthusiasm.  The product is there -- and before I knew it, I was down on the floor trying to find out if he had the interest in Thomas yet.    My real goal was to  load all of that Thomas equipment into Miranda's van and send it back to Calgary.

Checking in with my Mom to see if what Grandma is doing is OK
There is no question that I was working hard -- making the trains run across the marble floor. Finding a way to make a few select tracks into a circle. Figuring out how I could get Michael's real attention without him checking back in with Miranda to see if what I was doing was appropriate.

I am more successful in the kitchen with some flour and sugar, than on the floor seeing if I can hook a little person into a new game.

Hard work and I was only 50% successful.


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