Sunday, March 17, 2013

Playing in the Snow

 ... Naomi, dropping a canning bucket to a colleague below ...
Bonnie told me that just as the Shuswap seems to be greening up, and she gets out to weed some of the flower beds, that then the snow falls again.

Now spring break is here and David wants to make a fort, a place to hide when his friends come out to play.

He decided to dig it in the middle of the road.

Go figure on that one.

I can suggest a good place up in the trees by the barrels where there is a large pile of dirt, fantastic stones to build walls out of, and copses of trees to hide in. There must be something special about the road. I was watching Mary's kids play in the back yard one day when it was cold and the snow was deep.
Xavier walking out of the picture far left
he has just swing down from the treehouse, Tarzan-like on a rope

I would not have imagined that the tree fort would have been in the mix of what they were planning.

 But I watched them get to the top of it, swing down on the rope, and make a pulley to get stuff down to those below.

I must be the one with tunnel vision, for I couldn't figure out why the tree house was figuring into the snow play ... nor why the middle of the road is a good place for a fort.

Only they know.


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