Friday, March 22, 2013

Games - Wyona Style

Step 1: Balancing a tissue on my head

Thinking outside of the box.

That is always my challenge.

A few summers ago, Wyona was playing with a crying grandchild trying to stop the wailing.

Step 2: Make a pile of tissue behind me.
When a box of Kleenex was placed in front of him, the child began to pull out one tissue and then another.

The tears went away.

Step 3: Get some of these tissues airborne.
Wyona said, “Pretty quick fix. For six-nine cents I found a toy that is going to last ½ an hour and this child is happy now. Well worth the cost.”

My depression mentality had to take another look at the relative value of toys.

Step 4: Double trick -- box on head while still pulling out tissues
My inclination was to save Kleenex.

Hers was to solve a problem.

She wins.

And as you can see in  this photo essay, Michael is continuing the tradition of finding many minutes of fun with a box of tissue.


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