Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Les Troyens Again

 “If Grandma is here, does that mean we can go to the opera again?”

That is what 7 year old Naomi asked her mom during our trip to Montreal.  Thomas and Xavier were using the Saturday for a six hour Scout hike. Catherine’s way of getting peace for herself, not having to worry that some little scouters was going to freeze to death, was for a Dr. to go on the scout trip so she sent Eric with the group.

Noami was the driving force that led us to the opera.
Eric was the only person in the camp who would rather have gone to the opera than on the hike. Well, saying that I have to recant. Leo has an equal interest in opera, but the scout camp was a way for Xavier to get two hard cub badges signed off – so the two men were off camping. “I wonder when Scouts Canada will figure out a way to have urban camping – that is what I want,” said Eric.

The opera was five hours and a half hours. I knew the timing for I saw it when it was first performed – but my hands were tied as far as shortening it. That is it’s length and that cute little seven year old thinks that if Grandma is in town, off we will go to the opera. Our candy was purchased, unwrapped and in baggies. Catherine told us that in Montreal the opera is serious business and people would shush us if we made even the slightest crunching paper noise. But there were about 12 other people there, besides the five of us – so no one bothered anyone else much.
Four Opera Lovers in Montreal
... on our way to the dollar stores as well ...

Our spectacular find was a dollar store when we walked the mall at the first intermission. The dollar store had a l-a-r-g-e candy isle. We topped up our treat bags and got a drink.

“I will show you how to carry this into the theatre,” said Mary, draping my sweater over her candy bag and instructing Catie and Rebecca Jarvis to walk just barely in front of her and past the sweet-police usher. Thankfully, the dollar/candy store was still open during the second intermission.

We witnessed the awful deaths of the Trojan women who stabbed themselves rather than being taken prisoner by the Greeks, watched Dido stab herself and then burn on a pyre out of grief for the absent Aeneas, and we followed Cassandra in her last frantic hours, Cassandra, the prophetess who was cursed to utter true prophesies none of which she could get anyone to believe.

Opera is not made for the faint of heart.



  1. i too would vote for opera over a scouting trip.... hands down!

  2. The scouts did a small hike, played soccer in the snow, warmed up in the car and decided to go home and not finish off the hike. That is, all except Thomas Jarvis who hadn't come this far, only to have to come back again. He and Xavier wanted their badges. So Eric and Leo stayed to do another trail. The day was beautiful. The chickadees were so tame that they would sit on your hand and take bread crumbs. Leo and Xavier came home sunburned. Thomas and Eric got their share of sun but it wasn't as visible. The boys got their badges and if the men still want to go to the opera, there are two others coming up this month, ... so everyone should be happy.